Engineering enzymes to locally suppress inflammation


What We Do

Chronic inflammation underlies onset and progression of numerous diseases affecting the lives of millions of people each year. Our enzyme technology resolves inflammation only at the site of disease by mimicking a natural mechanism of localized immunosuppression.  

Therapeutic Action

IDO is an enzyme that naturally regulates the immune system. Our invention resets the immune system to promote healthy tissue function by installing IDO at sites of inflammation. Restricting distribution avoids off-target side-effects.

Local Anchoring

Conventional enzyme therapeutics rapidly diffuse away from where they are needed. Our technology anchors IDO to the injection site. Specifically, we fuse IDO to galectin-3, a protein that binds to sugars decorating all tissues in the human body. 


Winner of the 10th annual Cade Prize

Awarded by the Cade Museum, located in Gainesville, Florida, the Cade Prize celebrates creativity and innovation in the state of Florida

The award rewards inventors and entrepreneurs who demonstrate a creative approach to addressing problems ​in their field of expertise ​resulting in an innovative invention


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